Bucha Ukraine: 53-Year-Old Ukranian Narrates How Russian Soldiers Killed 3 Of His Friends, Gave Him 20 Mins To Bury Them

Bucha Ukraine

Bucha Ukraine massacre was the killing of civilians by the Russian Forces during its fight for and occupation of the Ukrainian city of Bucha during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

If it were not for images of dead bodies litered all over the streets of the recently liberated city of Bucha, the world might not have discovered what was going on there as quickly as we have — nor in such irrefutable, horrifying detail.

Bucha Ukraine

For a month, Russian invaders encircled the city and trapped its people there.

However, after the withdrawal of Russian Forces from the city, Journalists, Government officials and witnesses have continued to publish photographs of lifeless civilians litered around the streets, mass graves filling with dead bodies, including those of children, and the destruction of many residential buildings.

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The story below, shared via Twitter by James Longman, an ABC News foreign correspondent, shows one of many other horrific accounts of what has happened in parts of Ukraine and only coming to light as Russia partially withdraws.

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Read the full story by James Longman below;

“We met Mykola. He and his wife spent a month living in the cellar of his apartment building. When the Russians arrived, they killed all the men below 50. He’s 53. He told us this shaking with the trauma of it. They gave him 20 minutes to bury his friends.”

Mykola, Bucha Ukraine Massacre survivor

“Three graves sit just opposite his apartment block. Each marked with a wooden plank and a religious icon attached. He wanted to give them whatever dignity he could. ‘But it’s too shallow,’ he says, almost apologetically. ‘I just wanted to protect them from the dogs.”

Three graves sit just opposite Mykola apartment block. Each marked with a wooden plank and a religious icon attached.

“Two of them were shot in front of him. Another had a grenade thrown at him. His body parts sat on the ground for days, until at last he was allowed to gather them, put them in a bag, and bury them. One of these graves is smaller than the others.”

“Russians asked for documentation when they got there. Anything in your papers that made them think you were a threat, and you were dead. He said they made the men strip off, looking for tattoos. Perhaps military tattoos.”

Bags of bodies dumped on top of other victims who were either wrapped in sheets or nothing at all.

“We went to the mass grave satellite images have seen near the church. We saw bags of bodies dumped on top of other victims who were either wrapped in sheets or nothing at all.”

“Brave locals went out to collect the dead from the street during the occupation. We were told there could be as many as 90 people in these graves. This whole town is a crime scene.”

There have been other allegations of Russian invaders raping Ukrainian women, but the findings from Bucha, a commuter town near the capital where young families lived before the conflict, have sparked worldwide outrage.

Mass grave in Bucha

According to allegations, children’s bodies were among those tortured, slaughtered, and thrown into mass graves.

Drivers are seen swerving to avoid the bodies of people dressed in ordinary clothing in video footage.

Earlier this week, the town’s mayor stated that roughly 300 residents had been buried in mass graves.

There are also concerns that Russian invaders may have booby-trapped bodies in order to kill or hurt people who attempted to bury them.

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Story by James Longman/Twitter.

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