Detectives Arrest 45-Year-Old Man Who Killed His Wife On Suspicion Of Infidelity

Kenyan man who killed his wife

Detectives in Kenya have arrested a man who killed his wife. The murder suspect was reportedly arrested after his attempts to poison himself failed.

According to a statement by Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal Investigation, the man who killed his wife has been on the run since killing his wife last Friday. He was however arrested on Friday morning, exactly a week after he committed the dastardly act.

Kenyan man who killed his wife
Kenyan man who killed his wife

The 45-year-old suspect, Harisson Mutisya, on suspicion of infidelity, murdered his 34-year-old wife Faith Mueni by cutting her into pieces with a machete.

Preliminary investigations revealed that on the fateful day, Harrison leapt from their matrimonial bed in the dead of the night and reached for his machete, which he used to kill his wife while their 4-year-old daughter asleep in the next room.

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Harrison then used their family vehicle, a black Mazda CX5, to flee their residence in Kalama, Machakos County.

Kenya’s Directorate of Criminal investigation revealed that they got to know about the heinous murder through the #FichuakwaDCI hotline which prompted a team of seasoned detectives from the elite Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) in collaboration and their counterparts from Machakos to track down the man who killed his wife.

According to DCI, Harrison abandoned his vehicle near Emali to elude the investigators on his tail, causing them to resort to other methods to track him down.

He later checked into a guest home in Mlolongo on Thursday night, but when he sensed his arrest was imminent, he swallowed cockroach bait (Poison for killing cockroaches) in an attempt to schedule his own meeting with the devil.

But, as fate would have it, the poison took a long time to take effect, and Mutisya was found gasping for air and foaming at the mouth and nose on the floor of the room.

Officers who found him quickly took him to Kitengela Level IV Hospital for treatment, and he is now a state guest at Mlolongo police station.

On Monday, according to DCI, he would be arraigned in court to face allegations of Murder in Violation of Sections 203 and 204 of Kenya’s Penal Code.

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