Check Out The Offences Of South African Criminal Who Was Sentenced To 130 Years Imprisonment

South African criminal

A South African criminal have been sentenced to 130 years in prison for a series of offenses committed between 2013 and 2018.

A South African criminal from Walmer will serve 35 years in prison according to a statement by the South African Police Service.

South African criminal
South African Criminal.

According to the police, Mnikeli Manzi (31) committed practically all of his offenses in Summerstrand, a seaside suburb of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, with the exception of a house robbery in the Lorraine region of the country.

The police said he was positively linked to the crimes through his DNA.

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Aside from breaking into people’s houses, in June 2019, the 31-year-old Manzi was also charged with the murder of 85-year-old Hazel Huggins, whose body was discovered on the morning of March 28, 2014.

Ms Huggins was murdered and found tied up on the bedroom floor. She was a resident of a retirement community in Summerstrand.

Manzi was found guilty and convicted on the following charges on March 17, 2022:

  1. 1- He was sentenced to 7 years in jail after the murder charge was lowered to culpable homicide.
  2. 2- 6 cases of housebreaking with intent to rob.
  3. 3- 7 cases of robbery aggravating.
  4. 4- 5 cases of kidnapping
  5. 5- 1 case of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft
  6. 6- 1 case of theft from motor vehicle

In all of the above cases, he was sentenced to a total of 130 years imprisonment of which some sentences will run concurrently with others therefore a total of 35 years imprisonment will be effectively served.

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