Kenyan Footballer Arrested For Allegedly Killing His Wife

Kenyan footballer
A Kenyan footballer have been arrested in Naivasha for the murder of his wife.

Following the gruesome murder of a 26-year-old woman, whose decomposing remains were discovered at a thicket in Naivasha’s Kongoni area, detectives have arrested her husband, who killed her.

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The news of the arrest of the Kenyan Football player who murdered his wife was revealed in a statement released by Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Kenya.

According to the security agency, Julius Owaka, 32, a Kenyan footballer was apprehended by detectives from the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) and DCI Naivasha last night after early cybercrime investigations linked him to the heinous crime.

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According to the couple’s neighbors, the two had been together for five years before disagreements shattered their happy marriage, resulting in irreconcilable problems and their split last year. The deceased chose to return to her parents’ house, which was only a few kilometers away.

Early this year, however, the man, who plays football for a local flower farm soccer club, began making amorous overtures to the deceased in an attempt to rekindle the dying ambers of their once-beautiful marriage.

The deceased left her father’s compound on January 31, unaware that she was being lured to a death trap, and was not seen again until her decomposing bones were recovered 9 days later in a thicket within Duro region, three kilometers from her father’s home.

The murder investigation began right once, and CRIB agents joined their Naivasha counterparts in a quest for Wanjiru’s assassin.

The sleuths tracked the perpetrator down to Githurai 45, where he had gone into hiding after committing the crime, using forensic cyber & digital analysis.

Yesterday evening, sleuths searched the densely populated Githurai 45 for Julius Owaka’s hiding place.

DNA and Crime Scene experts from the DCI National Forensic Laboratory had previously gathered DNA samples from the crime scene, and now that Owaka has been apprehended, the sleuths will undertake a conclusive study in order to build a strong case against him.

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