Mai Shayi (Tea Seller) Kills Customer Over N10 Balance

Mai Shayi
A Mai Shayi (tea seller) identified simply as Hamidu, have been arrested in Arepo, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, for allegedly killing one of his customers.

According to a news report by the PUNCH Metro, the victim, Musa, purchased a cup of tea from Hamidu Mai Shayi (the tea seller) and paid N40 instead of the usual N50.

Mai Shayi
Mai Shayi (Photo for descriptive purpose only).

In an attempt to get his balance of N10 from the victim, Hamidu resorted to violence, resulting in a brawl between the two men.

According to the report, after the victim fell to the ground, the suspect allegedly punched Musa in the chest.

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Speaking to the Punch Correspondence, Olayiwola Ogunsolu, a leader of the Odua People’s Congress (New Era) said Musa gave up the ghost before he could get any help.

“We were at the Arepo under bridge area last week Wednesday when we heard a ruckus around the Hausa village there,” he added.

“We contacted the Warewa Police Station’s DPO, who dispatched reinforcements.” The guy was later apprehended by the police.”

Musa was attacked over N10, according to a relative who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“When we arrived at the location, we noticed that someone had died, and when we inquired as to what had happened, we were told that the Mai Shayi had murdered him for refusing to pay N50 for a cup of tea.” We quickly contacted the Warewa Police Station, but when two officers arrived, the Hausa people fought them.

“Musa went to get a cup of tea, but he only had N40 instead of N50,” he explained. This enraged the seller, and the two began fighting. Musa was punched in the chest by a tea seller who isn’t well known under the bridge here, though some say his name is Hamidu. He collapsed and died. Some of our members stepped in to help. The tea seller was arrested by the police.”

Usman Shehu, the local Hausa community’s head, stated he was unaware of the occurrence.

“As the head of the Arewa community in this place, such an incident would not have gone unnoticed,” he added.

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