Nigerian Troops Uncover Secret Boko Haram Detention Facility Where Kidnapped Victims Are Kept (Video)

Boko Haram detention facility
Nigerian security forces have recently uncovered a secret Boko Haram detention facility where the dreaded Islamist terrorists keep their kidnapped victims in the once “impenetrable” stronghold of the terrorists known as Sambisa Forest.
Boko Haram detention facility
Secret boko haram detention facility.

A security analyst, Zagazola shared a video of the secret Boko Haram detention facility on his Twitter page.

See tweet below;
Video of the secret Boko Haram Detention facility uncovered by troops.

The secret confinement was uncovered by the joint efforts of the Special Forces Brigade, which included the 134 SF, 198 SF, and 199 SF Battalion of the Nigerian Army, according to @ZagazOlaMakama.

According to him, the facility was erected with massive iron locks and hooks and is being used by Boko Haram and its affiliates, the Islamic State of the West African Province (ISWAP), to hold and torture innocent civilians and military personnel captured on Nigerian highways during ambush attacks.

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Separate jails and torture rooms were also set aside for guilty and erring Boko Haram fighters who committed various offenses, according to him.

The proceeds from the kidnapping of innocent citizens are used to buy logistics, food, fuel, weapons, and Urea fartilisers for making bombs by terrorists in the Sambisa Forest and Timbuktu Triangle.


The terrorists have recently resolved to making money from the kidnapping of innocent citizens, aid workers and military personnel because they hardly get the chance to engage in farming activities due to the intensified counter-insurgency campaign by Nigerian security forces.

Meanwhile, there have been claims that Boko Haram or ISWAP members who have committed capital offenses have being moved to the Boko Haram Maximum Prison facility in Kwalaram, Marte Local Government Area, following their convictions by the terrorists’ Chief Judge for various crimes.

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