“We will destroy the enemy on every inch of Ukrainian land” – Female Ukrainian Soldiers (Video)

Female Ukrainian soldiers
Female Ukrainian soldiers have released a new video threatening to destroy the invading Russian Forces.

In the undated video, the female Ukrainian soldiers dressed in military gear can be heard saying, “we will destroy the enemy on every inch of Ukrainian land”

Female Ukrainian soldiers
Female Ukrainian soldiers.

The combatants appear to be armed with AKS-74 rifles. One of the rifles seems to be equipped with foregrip and EOTech 512/552.A65 pattern red dot sight.

“We have blessed our men to protect our land,” the lead speaker said.

She continued, “for every child, woman, old man, ruined houses, street and even barn, we will shoot you like rabid dogs. Glory To Ukraine, Death To The Enemies.”

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Watch video below;

The women’s identity and the video’s original source are unknown as they all covered their faces with shemagh scarfs. The positive outlook of those at the forefront of the war has comforted the millions who are disturbed by the current situation as photographs and videos of the Russian invasion of Ukraine circulate around the world.

People have been deeply touched by the bravery and hopefulness of the female Ukrainian soldiers. Commenting on the video, a person tweeted, “Love this passion.”

According to the Kyiv Independent, the Ukrainian defense ministry issued an order in December last year expanding the scope of conscription for women in the event of a war-like emergency.

Women aged 18 to 60 who work in nearly 100 professions are obliged to register with their local conscription office, according to the notice. Professionals from the banking industry, the media, and even restaurant workers were among those on the list.

Women make up 15% of Ukraine’s armed personnel, according to The Wall Street Journal. This percentage is likely to have risen as a result of the full military mobilization orders.

Source: @war_noir/Twitter.

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