Man Mistakenly Killed His Mother While Fighting With Wife

Man Mistakenly Killed his mother
Man mistakenly killed his mother who was trying to separate a fight between him and his wife.

The Niger State Police Command is said to have arrested a young man who mistakenly killed his mother by fatally stabbing her at Zawiyya Tudunwada in the Kontagora region of the state.

According to reports, the man was fighting with his wife when his mother intervened and was trying to separate them.

Man Mistakenly Killed his mother
The man who mistakenly killed his mother, the victim’s lifeless body and his injured wife.

According to a Facebook user named Abdullahi Garba, the young man then allegedly went for a knife and attempted to attack his wife, but instead stabbed his mother, who was attempting to separate the dispute.

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After being stabbed, the mother died almost immediately.

The wife, who had been seriously beaten by her husband, was then taken to the hospital because of her injuries.

The man was immediately picked up by the police when his mother’s death was announced.

“A SAD STORY INDEED,” he wrote.

“This young man fatally stabbed his mother. According to the report, the man was fighting with his wife while his mother attempted to separate them. He pulled out a knife to stab his wife, but instead of stabbing her, he stabbed his mother, who died instantly. The incident occurred in zawiyya, Tudunwada, Kontagora, Niger State.”

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