‘Mom, I’m a prisoner and they’re treating me fine’- Captured Russian soldier

Captured Russian soldiers
Ukrainian forces have continued to parade captured Russian soldiers in dozens of online videos, with Moscow now admitting its forces have suffered serious losses.

After failing to break through Ukrainian defenses in Kyiv and Kharkiv over the weekend, footage posted online shows ‘demoralized and tired’ Russian prisoners of war, some of whom are being tied up and others treated nicely.

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Many Russian troops stated they thought they were conducting border training maneuvers or peace keeping mission and were unaware they were being prepared to invade Ukraine.

Captured Russian soldiers
Captured Russian soldier.

One of such captured Russian soldiers is the young unidentified man in the video posted on Twitter.

Watch video below;

“Hello mum,” he says.

“I’m a prisoner on Ukraine territory, but I’m fine.”

Meanwhile, once the bodies of seven Kremlin personnel were discovered, Russia’s defense ministry admitted for the first time that it had suffered losses in the war.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, did not provide figures for Russia’s dead and wounded, but claimed on Sunday that his country’s losses were’many times’ lower than Ukraine’s.

Source: Ukraine Stream/Twitter.

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