Complete List Of Countries Supporting Ukraine Against Russia

Countries Supporting Ukraine

In the West, Putin is known for being a doer rather than a strategist. To the enragement of Russians, US President Joe Biden declared Vladimir Putin a “killer” shortly after assuming office.

Ukraine has requested military and defense assistance from European nations, in the face of Russian invasion.

Countries Supporting Ukraine

However, the issue of arms deliveries to Ukraine continues to be contentious. Initially, Germany was one of the most strident critics, with Luxembourg’s foreign minister, Jean Asselborn, claiming that it is “wrong to convince people that Russian military dominance over Ukraine can be balanced by supplying arms.”

However, in Ukraine, there is dissatisfaction with the refusal to send military assistance.

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Vitaly Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, wrote in a guest essay for the German tabloid Bild about “the non-assistance and betrayal of allies in a grave circumstance.”

However, certain countries, such as the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, and Poland, are eager to give weaponry to Ukraine.

The other countries supporting Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion can be seen below;

List Of Countries Supporting Ukraine

1- United Kingdom

Ukraine has received military equipment from the United Kingdom.

2- United States of America

The United States has given military equipment to Ukraine.

3- Turkey

Turkey has blocked Russian warships from passing through the Black Sea on their way to Ukraine.

4- Poland

Poland is accepting in Ukrainian citizens fleeing the country.

5- Sweden

Sweden has dispatched military equipment to Ukraine to assist them.

6- Finland

Finland has contributed $50 million to Ukraine’s relief.

7- Italy

Italy has cut Russia off from SWIFT.

8- Germany

Germany is sending military equipment to Ukraine to help.

9- France

France is sending weapons and other military equipment to Ukraine to assist them.

10- Japan

Russia has been sanctioned by Japan.

11- Netherlands

The Netherlands has dispatched military aid to Ukraine.

12 European Union

Ukraine has received €1.2 billion in aid from the European Union.

13- Bulgaria

Bulgaria is accepting Ukrainian citizens fleeing the country.

14- Romania

Romania is welcoming in Ukrainian nationals fleeing the country.

15- Australia

Russia has been sanctioned by Australia.

16- Slovakia

Slovakia will send troops to the Ukraine border to assist with refugees.

17- Canada

Canada has announced new measures to support Ukraine.

18- Hungary

Hungary is accepting Ukrainian civilians leaving the country.

19- Greece

Greece will provide medical supplies to Ukraine.

20- Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has offered medical supplies to Ukraine.

21- Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is supplying military equipment and taking in Ukrainians.

22- Estonia

Estonia has closed its airspace to Russia, sent weaponry to Ukraine, and taken in refugees.

23- New Zealand

Russia has been sanctioned by New Zealand.

24- Lithuania

Lithuania has closed its airspace to Russians while simultaneously allowing Ukrainians to enter the country.

25- Latvia

Latvia has provided Ukraine food, medication, and other essential supplies.

26- Denmark

Denmark is sending military equipment to Ukraine to assist them.

27- Taiwan

Russia has been sanctioned by Taiwan.

28- Belgium

Belgium has dispatched military aid to Ukraine.

29- Ireland

Ireland will accept Ukrainian citizens who have a passport issued by Ukraine.

30- Scotland

Scotland is considering granting asylum to Ukrainians.

31- Iceland

Russia has been sanctioned by Iceland.

Additionally, a report by Reuters revealed that Lithuania’s deputy defense minister, Margiris Abukevicius, claimed that six European Union countries are sending a team of cybersecurity experts to Ukraine to assist with the country’s cyber challenges.

It may be recalled that the United States and the United Kingdom claimed that Russian military hackers were responsible for a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that temporarily took down Ukrainian banking and government websites.

According to Margiris, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Romania, and Croatia would send the team of specialists they established earlier to help other EU nations, institutions, and partners deal with cyber threats in response to a request from Ukraine on Monday.

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