Former Ukrainian beauty queen, Anastasiia Lena joins armed struggle against Russia

Anastasiia Lena.
A former beauty queen from Ukraine, Anastasiia Lena has joined the ranks of the civilian defense troops in the fight against Russian invading forces.

In the face of the Russian invasion, Ukrainians have taken up arms, and the government is encouraging citizens to create petrol bombs at home rather than surrender to the invaders.

Anastasiia Lena.
Anastasiia Lena.

In the midst of this, images of Anastasiia Lena, the former Miss Ukraine, have gone viral, not because she labeled Russian President Vladimir Putin insane, but because she put her heels and glamour aside to protect her nation with her teeth and claws, even if it meant risking her life.

Several photographs and videos purporting to be from the conflict have been circulated on social media. A collection of images of Annastasiia Lena has been circulated in the same row, alleging that she has donned the military uniform to join the Ukraine defense troops on the frontlines to defend her nation.

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Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, initiated a military operation against Ukraine, which turned into a full-fledged invasion.

“Everyone who crossed the Ukrainian border with the purpose to invade will be murdered!” she warned Russian forces.

According to reports, another post highlighted her delight in Ukraine’s resistance thus far, which has already seen Russia lose more men than Putin had encountered.

“Our army is fighting in such a way that NATO should apply for entrance into Ukraine,” Anastasiia stated.

She posted on social media, applauding Ukraine’s former comedian president for leading by example by strolling among soldiers: “A powerful and honest leader. This is Ukraine’s President.”

Anastasiia also tweeted a message from world champion boxer Usyk Oleksandr, who urged his Russian social media followers not to send loved ones to fight in Ukraine’s conflict.

The Slavistik University of Kyiv marketing and management graduate has urged her countrymen to destroy all road signs to make it more difficult for invading soldiers to navigate through Ukraine.

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