“Mama, Papa, I didn’t want to go, they made me”- Captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine (Video)

Captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine.
Two captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine were recently filmed by their captors (Ukrainian forces), during the on going Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking in Russian, the captors asked one of the captured Russian soldier what he’d like to tell “his mama and papa.”

Captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine.
Captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Watch Video via this Link or below;

Trending video of captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine. (If you’re unable to view the Twitter version of this video, kindly watch below)

A translator revealed that they were being asked how old they are, where they live, what they wish to say back to their parents (Mama and Papa).

The captors asked; “What do you want to tell your parents?”

The first Russian soldier replied; “Mama, Papa, I didn’t want to go. They made me.”

At the end they’re asked if they’re ready to fight and love Ukraine. Both said yes.

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As seen in this video, the captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine look pretty young and innocent.

According to a report by Daily Mail Online, the majority of these young Russian troops are fighting a war “under duress.”

The young men, according to the report, were informed they would be heading to the border for training, but their contracts were amended to indicate they would be there for combat.

Photos of some of the soldiers emerged on Thursday as they were taken by Ukrainian forces. Many were exceptionally young-looking men.

Tanks roll past Chernobyl in terrifying videos from Ukraine, while shelling echoes close the Russian border in Sumy.

Ukrainians spent the night hiding from bombing in metro stations, unable to leave on congested roads and trains.

It’s unknown whether more are on the way. Ukraine has promised to retaliate with all of its power.

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