“If I were in office, this horrible Ukraine crisis would never have happened!”- Donald Trump

Ukraine Crisis
Former US President Donald Trump, who was impeached for refusing to give Ukraine almost $400 million in military aid, said the Ukraine Crisis “would never have happened” if he had remained in office.
Ukraine Crisis
Former US President, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Early Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, with troops flooding in from the country’s northern, eastern, and southern borders. In a Thursday evening address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated 137 Ukrainians had died and 306 had been injured as a result of the invasion.

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“If I were in office, this horrible Ukraine crisis would never have happened!” Trump said in a statement released Thursday.

Trump praised Putin’s reasoning for invading Ukraine as “brilliant” and “clever” earlier this week.

“When I first walked in, there was a television screen, and I thought to myself, “This is genius.” Putin declares a large area of Ukraine to be part of Ukraine. Putin deems it self-governing. Oh, that’s fantastic, “When asked about the news, Trump remarked. “‘How clever is that?’ I said. And he’ll go in and serve as a peacekeeper.”

His remarks contrasted with those of US officials, who cautioned that Putin’s recognition of two separatist territories in Ukraine backed by the Kremlin was part of a ruse to invade the country.


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