Nigerian military airstrikes kills Amir Buba Danfulani and 4 other notable ISWAP commanders

Nigerian military Airstrikes
Amir Buba Danfulani and four other notable ISWAP commanders were killed by Nigerian military airstrikes in the Tumbuns and Sambisa axis of the North-East.

Amir Buba Danfulani, according to PRNigeria, was a prominent ISWAP commander tasked with indoctrinating Fulanis and herders into joining the terrorist group. He also oversaw the terrorists’ actions, including the deployment of spies and tax collectors.

Nigerian military Airstrikes
Nigerian military Airstrikes. (Photo for descriptive purpose only).

The Nigerian Airforce (NAF) carried out well-coordinated airstrikes at various areas throughout the week as part of Operation HADIN KAI’s Air Component.

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According to a source close to the intelligence community, Super Tucano jets, helicopters, and other aircraft were used in the week-long operations, which took place in multiple locations at the same time.

“Intelligence identified terrorist training sites at Tumbun Kaiyowa and Tumbun Allura that are particularly active with ISWAP/Boko Haram activities prior to the execution of the special mission.”

4 ISWAP terrorists in military fatigues.

Terrorists also exploited the camps to fire projectiles at Nigerian Army positions in Mallam Fatori.

“For this reason, the Air Component of Operation Hadin Kai deployed several aircrafts to degrade the rebels’ capabilities, preventing further attacks on troops and friendly forces while ensuring the success of ongoing operations.”

“Several bombs were dropped on targets at TUMBUN KAIYOWA, as well as rockets and artillery at TUMBUN ALLURA.” Fighter helicopters were also used to kill the remaining terrorisyts who were fleeing.

“A similar operation was carried out within Sambisa Forest at Parisu and Njimia, where three distinct aircraft types for specific purposes pounded the targets.

“The killing of these high-ranking terrorists will undoubtedly send a powerful message to terrorists operating in the Northeast that the change in fortunes of terrorist elements and their kind isn’t coincidental.”

Rather, this might be credited to the newfound zeal with which Nigeria’s armed forces and other security agencies have approached the counterinsurgency effort.

PRNigeria revealed that it also learned from domestic intelligence sources that the Nigerian military airstrikes killed five top terrorist commanders.

They are; Musa Amir Jaish, Mahd Maluma, Abu-Ubaida, Abu-Hamza, and Abu-Nura umarun Leni.

Source: PR Nigeria.

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