Man, woman stoned to death in Afghanistan for adultery

Stoned to death
In Afghanistan, a man and a woman have reportedly been stoned to death for having illicit relationships.

In Afghanistan’s north-eastern Badakhshan region, an Afghan man and his female lover were stoned to death for having unlawful relations.

Taliban officials in the province told the DPA that they were stoned in a sharia court.

Stoned to death
Stoned to death. (Photo for descriptive purpose only)

Sharia law prohibited Muslim men and women from having sexual relations outside of marriage.

It also specifies that if four witnesses observe a married man having sex with a married lady, the couple should be stoned.

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“They’ve admitted to having illicit relationships and they’ve done it two or three times,” the local official stated.

Muezuddin Ahmadi, the head of the province’s information and cultural department, said the matter was being investigated and that the stoning perpetrators will face heavy consequences.

After seizing control in August, the Taliban are striving for international recognition, mainly to gain access to humanitarian monies and money stored abroad.

In recent months, despite assurances that they would safeguard human rights, several lower-ranking officials have meted out harsh punishments.

The stoning incident occurred in public on Monday in the Nasi district of the province, according to the local newspaper Hasht-e Subh.

A Taliban commander is said to have ordered it.

Since the Taliban’s takeover, the country’s human rights situation has deteriorated.

The majority of female students have been barred from attending high schools, and the majority of women have been denied the right to return to work.

When traveling long distances, women must additionally wear a headscarf and be accompanied by a close male relative.

In government workplaces, males were encouraged to grow beards and dress in traditional Afghan garb. In the media, music has been outlawed.

Protesters who oppose the limits being harassed or imprisoned.

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