Meet Sergeant Stubby, A Military Dog That Outranked It’s Owner In The US Army

Sergeant Stubby

Sergeant Stubby (US Army), World War I’s most decorated dog, nabbed a German spy and outranked it’s owner.

A stray puppy walked onto the Yale University campus in 1917, where the 102nd Infantry Regiment was training.

With it’s antics, the pit bull mix won over the unit, taking part in drills and even learning how to salute with it’s right paw.

Private J. Robert Conroy then adopted the dog and sneaked him to the front lines in France, naming him Stubby.

Sergeant Stubby
Sergeant Stubby.

Stubby became particularly sensitive to the toxic odors after being exposed to mustard gas there, and was able to warn the 102nd Infantry Regiment of impending attacks.

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During patrols, Stubby also learnt how to locate wounded soldiers.

Sergeant Stubby discovered a German spy one day and attacked him until reinforcements came, earning him the rank of sergeant for it’s efforts.

During it’s 18 months of service, Stubby took part in 17 engagements, survived a series of wounds, and gave his fellow soldiers a much-needed boost of morale.

Stubby returned to the United States after the war alongside Conroy (who never advanced beyond corporal) and became a national hero, leading parades and earning medals until it’s death in 1926.

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