Accidental Discharge Of A Firearm Kills Soon To Be Married Indian Policemen In Telangana

Accidental discharge of a firearm

On Saturday, a soon to be married police officer was allegedly killed as a result of accidental discharge of a firearm in Telangana’s Bhadradri Kothagudem district, according to authorities.

Santosh was participating in a post-protection weapon training at a police station in the early hours of the morning when the incident occurred.

According to a police officer, he died on the spot from gunshot wounds to the head. The event occurred in Yellandu Mandal’s Kachanapalle police station.

Accidental discharge of a firearm
Accidental discharge of a firearm. (Photo for descriptive purpose only)

An accidental discharge of a firearm occurs when a gun is fired unintentionally. Mishandling a gun, incorrect storage or holstering, poorly manufactured or damaged weaponry, overheating, and even dropping can all result in this.

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According to reports, after doing his night duty, Santosh was inspecting firearms when the malfunction occurred.

The body was taken to the Yellandu government hospital for an autopsy. Police opened an investigation after filing a report.

Santosh, who was from the Warangal area, died shockingly. According to reports, he died at a time when his family had just finalized his matrimonial connection and he was about to marry.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.


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