Nigerian military helicopters bombard Bandits advancing towards Nigerian Defence Academy, kills 20

Nigeria air strike

Nigerian Military helicopters on Thursday eliminated scores of bandits who were advancing towards the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna state.

PRNigeria revealed in a news report that Operation Thunder Strike air troops killed at least 20 armed bandits in the general vicinity of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).

Nigerian military helicopters
Nigerian military helicopters.

Reliable intelligence sources said bandits riding on over 50 motorcycles were seen approaching towards the Academy in Kaduna State on Thursday evening.

Two Nigerian Air Force (NAF) helicopter gunships were dispatched to engage the bandits, who had taken off from DAMARI village in Birnin Gwari LGA, following a tip-off on their passage through the military school’s general areas on Thursday, according to PRNigeria.

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The source, speaking to PRNigeria said; “When the bandits saw the helicopter, they began running into the surrounding forest.”

“As surviving bandits fleeing for cover from the superior air presence were effectively bombarded, this resulted in an objective and highly definitive shower of hell from above on the miscreants.”

“Feedbacks gathered on Friday following the operation from both ground forces and local sources revealed that the bandits were effectively disoriented and that roughly 20 bandits were killed.”

“Their plans to humiliate and shame the Nigerian Defence Academy and the current government were also effectively defeated,” he added.

It would be remembered that suspected bandits attacked the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna in August 2021, killing two officers and kidnapping another senior officer.

Multiple reports at the time revealed that the bandits stormed the Nigerian military base in considerable numbers early in the morning and aside from the officers who were murdered or kidnapped, several others were injured by gunshots.

The attack on the military facility comes at a time of increased instability in the north-west, with Kaduna State at the core.

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