How To Join The Canadian Armed Forces As A Nigerian

How To Join The Canadian Armed Forces As A Nigerian

How to Join the Canadian armed Forces as a Nigerian

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If you are interested in knowing how to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a Nigerian, then this article is for you.

In order to join the Canadian armed Forces you must first become a citizen of Canada. There are no two ways about it. You must obtain a citizenship certificate first before anything else.

Canadian military personnel.

After obtaining the Canadian citizenship certificate you will then have to complete the online application, after which you’ll send a mail of all your relevant documents.

After that, you’ll be paired with a military recruiter who will assist you in filling out further applications and exams, preparing for your interview, and enrolling in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Note: Even if you weren’t born in Canada, you can join the Canadian Army with a little patience and determination.

How to become a Canadian citizen as a Nigerian

How To Join The Canadian Armed Forces As A Nigerian
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To become a citizen of Canada, a Nigerian must lawfully reside in the country for three years.

Then, you can apply online, copy the relevant documents, pay the immigration fee, and send your completed application as a mail to the relevant authorities.

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Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be asked to take a citizenship test, followed by an interview after which you’ll take your citizenship oath.

After doing all this and successfully, you’ll then obtain your citizenship.

As easy as it sounds, obtaining citizenship takes time and effort, and without it, you cannot join the Canadian Armed Forces.

NOTE: You must also be fluent in both English and French and have a thorough understanding of Canadian history. You’ll also have to take a language test as well as a test to see how well you know Canada.


First, keep in mind that In order to undergo applicant processing and be eligible for consideration for the Canadian Armed Forces, the military authorities will require certain personal information from you.

Canadians armed forces units participate in a rehearsal of military parade on occasion of the Independence Day at Khreschatyk Street in Kyiv.

1- After obtaining your Canadian citizenship, you must be at least 17 years old to apply to join the Canadian Armed Forces. 47 years old and above are ineligible.

There are two exceptions to this rule. At the age of 16, you can apply and be enrolled in the Primary Reserve (if you are a full-time student) or as a Junior level Military College applicant.

(Note that there will be a parental/guardian agreement if you are under the age of 18).

2- You must have completed Grade 10 or above to begin a career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Some careers will necessitate a higher level of education in order to be hired. For example, if you want to work as an engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. You must complete up to Secondaire IV if you live in Québec.

Application to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

1) Send an initial email to:

The initial email will allow you to be put on an email list, through which the Department of National Defence will provide any and all updates. The initial email must include:

  • a) “MOTP Surge 2022” in the subject line (Medical Officer Training Program)
  • b) Full legal name
  • c) Best contact information (email and phone number)
  • d) Date of birth
  • e) Current mailing address
  • f) Present undergraduate medical school (if applicable)

2) Start Department of National Defence application online at:

During application process, ensure you select:

  • a. “Regular Force – Full Time”
  • b. Choose Army or Navy or Air Force (this will not affect your application nor your employment, and we can change it later in the application process should you choose)
  • c. “Officer”
  • d. Entry Plan: “Medical Officer Training Plan”
  • e. Military Occupation: “Medical”

Be prepared to attend a one-day recruiting process (details to be determined)

3) Questions can be directed to:

a) Ensure the subject line includes “MOTP Surge 2022”


Visit Joining the Forces for additional information on eligibility requirements and the application procedure.

Additional Information: You can apply even if you are unsure about the job’s precise criteria. When the Canadian Armed Forces get your application, they’ll work with you to see if you meet the requirements.

You can go to the Canadian Armed Forces Help Centre if you have any issues at any point during the process or if you want to see what part-time jobs are available in your area.

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