Bullion Van Robbery In Ibadan: 3 Police Officers And Four Others Killed (Disturbing Video)

Bullion van robbery in Ibadan
Three police officers and four others were reportedly killed during a Bullion van robbery in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The unfortunate incident happened when armed robbers ambushed a bullion van delivering money to a bank at Idi Ape Ibadan in the Ibadan North East Local Government area of Oyo state.

The armed robbers, who were believed to be dressed in police uniform, followed the bullion van to Idi Ape Ibadan and began shooting sporadically, according to multiple reports.

Bullion van robbery in Ibadan
Bullet riddled police vehicle.

It should be recalled that a similar ambush attack on a bullion van occured in 2008, in which scores of people were horribly murdered.

However, eyewitnesses in Idi Ape Ibadan said that the armed robbers fired several bullets at the escort van in an attempt to stop it and steal the money.

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Another unconfirmed story revealed that the robbers were unable to loot the van since the driver managed to flee with it.

Bullion van robbery in Ibadan
Bullet riddled police patrol vehicle In Idi Ape Ibadan.

It was also revealed that the police leadership has initiated a manhunt for the fleeing criminals, promising to apprehend them.

However, some eyewitnesses who were on ground took to Twitter to post videos of aftermath of the unfortunate robbery incident. They also claimed that the robbers succeeded in stealing the money after killing the policemen attached to the bullion van. Watch Video below (It may be disturbing though):

In reaction to the robbery incident, another Twitter user wrote;

Another Twitter user wrote;

“To think that this happened in a broad day light opposite the police barracks at idi ape, scares me! The #Endsars narrative was not just to end the brutality but to also strengthen the institution with adequate trainings for days as this. RIP to the departed.”

For more information on the Robbery incident GoTo.

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