Many Children Killed As Over 200 Terrorist Bandits Raid Niger Villages

Terrorist bandits
Over 200 Terrorist bandits took advantage of bad weather to raid Niger villages, killing a number of children in the process as the Nigerian military could not conduct airstrikes on their location.

According to reports, over 200 armed bandits have raided numerous communities in Niger State’s Kontagora, Mariga, and Rijau Local Government Areas.

Terrorist bandits
Terrorist bandits. (Photo for descriptive purpose only)

Terrorist bandits invaded the communities in a convoy of over 100 motorcycles, killing children at Bangi, a community in Mariga local government, according to PRNigeria.

They also burnt down many houses and raided provision stalls after vandalizing them with deadly rifles and ammo.

A reliable local source revealed to PR Nigeria that the terrorist bandits also rustled 250 livestock from the communities they raided.

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“These criminals operated ‘freely’ in a number of communities in the Kontagora, Mariga, and Rijau axes, exactly as they had done previously,” the source revealed.

“They not only sacked Argida, Babugadi, Warari, Birnin Boga, Mogola, and several other villages, but they also massacred small children at Bangi. Other villagers that survived the attack got out on time but it was a narrow escape.”

“More than a hundred motorcycles were used by the bandits. They were able to rustle a total of 250 cattle, which they then moved to the deep Maonda forest,” he continued.

Meanwhile, PRNigeria has learned that the police have initiated a “strong” surveillance operation in the LGs’ woodlands in order to ambush the robbers. However, according to a military intelligence agency, bad weather prohibited NAF attack jets from initiating counter-attack offensives against the terrorist bandits.

“Fighter jets pilots are being advised to be aware of severe weather circumstances owing to hazy weather, which include significant turbulence, low visibility, and high intensity storms.”

“They scrupulously comply to the metrological warnings on deterioration of horizontal visibility caused by a perceptible advection of dust, which are related with hazards and dangers that could affect fighter aircraft during military operations,” the officer stated.

Source: PRNigeria.

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