Repeat traffic robber strikes again 2 weeks after being released from prison

Lagos traffic robbery
One Lagos traffic robber has been arrested again for robbery just two weeks after being released from prison for serving time on a previous traffic robbery.

The Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS) apprehended a traffic robber last week and sentenced him to two years in prison.

Lookman Ojo, 25, was captured early Friday morning at Ojota under bridge, according to a statement released by the RRS on Tuesday.

They were robbing a car driver of his belongings, when a team of RRS officers caught him in the act.

Ojo was initially arrested in September 2021 for traffic robbery near Alapere, inward Ogudu. He was apprehended again two weeks after regaining his release.

Ojo told officers that he and his associates rob motorists around Ojota, Mile 12, and Ketu, in addition to robbing people driving expensive cars.

Lagos traffic robbery
Lookman Ojo the traffic robbery suspect arrested in Lagos.

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“I work as a bus conductor, and when there isn’t a bus available, I beg for money in traffic.” We collect money from delivery trucks, wealthy men and ladies, and people driving flashy cars.

“Many of us come to Ojota and Ketu to rob early in the morning and late at night. I’m not the only one in this business. Many of us do it because we’re just trying survive,” he explained.

The primary school dropout revealed that he trained to be a welder for 17 years before moving to Lagos in order to save money for his graduation and job tools.

Source: Daily Post.

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