‘BIZARRE’: Bandits Collect 6 Crates Of Lager Beer, 2 Motorcycles And 500k Cash Ransom To Free Victim

6 crates of lager beer
Bandits have reportedly released one Muktari Ibrahim, a native of Kano State, after his family accepted some unusual release terms, like 6 crates of lager beer, power horse and others.

Mr Ibrahim was kidnapped together with scores of other travelers on the Abuja-Kaduna road on November 21, 2021.

After nearly three months in detention, he was released on Wednesday.

6 crates of lager beer
The victims, Muktari Ibrahim.

The family has been negotiating his release since his kidnapping, with the initial ransom demand reduced to N500,000, 6 crates of Lager Beer, one carton of Power Horse, and two Bajaj Motorcycles, according to DAILY NIGERIAN.

According to family sources, the criminals initially demanded two Boxer motorcycles rather than Bajaj, but when the family informed them of the brand’s ban in many places, they agreed.

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“They later agreed to collect Bajaj motorcycles with 6 crates of Lager Beer, 1 carton of Power Horse, and N500,000 as ransom,” the source added.

Muktari Ibrahim.

“They advised us not to put a tracker or poison the drink during the negotiations.” It was tough for us to even purchase the beer.

“They said our brother would only be released after confirming that no tracker was put and the drinks were not dangerous when the things were finally brought to them after hours of excruciating trek in the bush.”

“After validating the materials delivered, they freed him the next day.” They didn’t even offer him money to get back home; instead, they told him to beg one of the community leaders along the route.

“The community leader sympathized with his plight and handed him N300, which he used to hire a biker to transport him to Zaria,” a family member who chose anonymity said.

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