“Police Is Your Friend”: Kind Hearted D.P.O. Who Celebrated Christmas With Inmates Helps Kerosene Explosion Victim (Photos)

Police is your friend

“The Police Is Your Friend,” is the Nigeria Police Force’s motto. This notice has been posted in all police formations, divisions, posts, and commands, while successive Inspector Generals of Police have tried everything they can to clean up the police’s image.

However, as much as the police’s top hierarchy tries to portray the force as friends, the simple truth is that the police have refused to be anyone’s friend, at least those who interact with the general public on a regular basis. Instead of being friends, they have turned into public foes through their acts, antics, aloofness, and intimidating attitude toward members of the public.

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However one man is Chang the narratives and he’s making people to believe that indeed there are still some good policemen in the Nigerian police force.

Police is your friend
D.P.O. SP Felix Ekpoudom.

The name of this man is SP Felix Ekpoudom, the Division Police Officer in the Nigerian Police Force’s Akwa Ibom State Command.

Do you recall the DPO who celebrated Christmas with his station’s suspects? He’s the one. Well, it appears that this great man will not be relenting in doing good for a very long time.

SP Felix Ekpoudom has financed the medical treatment of a five-year-old kid who was injured in a kerosene explosion and whose parents could not afford medical care.

Police is your friend
5 Year old kerosene explosion victim.

DPO SP Felix Ekpoudom, upon investigation found out that the parents of this boy were poor and unable to take the child to a doctor for proper medical care after the kerosene explosion that left the boy with serious burn injuries to his whole body.

Police is your friend

SP Ekpoudom ordered the innocent child to be taken to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH) for proper medical attention in order to preserve the boy’s life promising to take care of the bill.

The young child has now been admitted to UUTH and is responding well to treatment, with surgery scheduled to begin this week thanks to the kind gesture of this noble man.

It is necessary to commend this excellent person for his generosity in a society where some police officers are perceived as repressive.

May the Almighty God continue to bless him.


Source: Press Express Nigeria On Facebook.

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