‘DO NOT use stained bank notes’ – South African Police Warns Public

Ink stained bank notes

Ink stained banknotes South Africa:

The South African Police Service has advised the public to desist from accepting stained Bank notes in order not to get into trouble with the law.

The South African police gave the advice in a statement on it’s verified Facebook Page.

The security agency adviced that the public should never accept stained bank notes since the ink dye used in security systems like ATMs has likely discolored them.

Ink stained bank notes
Ink stained banknotes South Africa. (Credit: South African Police Service)

The assumption in this matter is that the only way the ink dye may stain the bank notes is when the notes have been forcefully removed from the ATM machine.

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The police further warns that people in possession of these notes may become suspects in a criminal investigation into whether or not they were engaged in the theft and unlawful access to these ATM containers.

The statement by the Police reads;

“Never accept stained bank notes as they have likely been discoloured from ink dye used in security devices such as ATMs.

“ATMs hold cash in special containers that protect cash with dye-stain technology that is activated when someone tries to break open the container. Once activated, the cash is stained with a green dye, thus defacing the notes, rendering them unusable as currency.

“The stained notes are recognised as having no monetary value once they are stained.
People who have these notes make themselves suspects of a criminal investigation that will seek to determine if they were involved in the stealing and unauthorised access of these ATM containers.

“Report any person in possession of these notes to Crime Stop on 08600 10111.”

Source: South African Police Service Facebook Page.

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