Why Do Footballers Tear Their Stockings?

Why do footballers tear their stockings?

Why Do Footballers Tear Their Stockings?

If you watched Saturday’s premier league match between Southampton and Manchester City, you may have noticed James Ward Prowse, the Southampton Captain, having holes in his socks.

On the surface, it appears to be an obtuse footballing trend sweeping the Premier League.

Why do footballers tear their stockings?
James Ward Prowse. CREDIT: Goal.com.

Many elite footballers, like James Ward Prowse have been seen wearing socks with enormous, gaping holes on the back, clearly indicating a do-it-yourself kind of thing.

They’re a strange sight at times, a sharp contrast to the generally neat and consistent matchday outfits.

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Is it just a pre-match ritual for footballers to tear their stockings with scissors?

Gallant Military Info takes a moment to explain why James Ward-Prowse — and a few other professional football players – wear holey socks.

Why do footballers tear their stockings?
Manchester City’s Kyle Walker was once photographed with torn football sock. (Getty Images).

Usually, it is a pair of brand new football socks that the players are handed before each game.

However, the socks hasn’t had time to spread out because they’re so new, so they can be pretty tight to wear.

Why do footballers tear their stockings?
England’s Danny Rose. (Getty Images).

Anything excessively tight or confining on a player’s legs could be inconvenient or perhaps cause painful calf or Achilles tendon muscle cramps (Injury).

To avoid these injuries, professional football players will occasionally take out the scissors and cut some holes in their socks, loosening them up a bit.

Many footballers in the Premier League have been photographed having huge holes cut into the back and sides of their socks.

In Spain, though, Valencia’s Ezequiel Garay was once ordered off the field by a referee to put on new socks, this shows the official’s obvious displeasure with the concept.

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