Transformer Cable Thief Electrocuted, Lifeless Body Found Hanging On Electricity Pole

Cable Thief Electrocuted

Transformer Cable Thief Electrocuted In Kano while trying to steal cables from a transformer around midnight.

Cable Thief Electrocuted
The lifeless body of the cable thief. Credit: Daily Trust.

In Lambu village, Tofa Local Government Area, Kano, a man whose name has yet to be established was electrocuted while attempting to steal transformer cables. According to the Daily Trust, the incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Wednesday.

Naziru Lambu, who resides in the village, told Daily Trust that the man who was electrocuted had already successfully stolen some of the transformer’s cables and kept them near the transformer.

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He claimed the people who live close to the location of the transformer heard the sound of an electrical spark in the middle of the night, as well as the man’s cry before he died.

The suspect’s lifeless body was reportedly found hanging on the transformer. His phone and SIM cards were found on him, according to Lambu.

Officials from the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, as well as police and Kano Electricity and Distribution Company (KEDCO) representatives, have arrived in Lambu to investigate the event, he added.

Source: Daily Trust.

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