Bhakkar Cannibals: The Story Of Two Brothers Who Were Addicted To Eating Human Flesh

The Bhakkar Cannibals

Bhakkar Cannibals: The unbelievable story of two Pakistani brothers who are fond of eating human flesh.

Arif and Farman, also known as the “Bhakkar Cannibals” from the small town of Darya Khan in the Bhakkar district of Pakistan, were first apprehended in April 2011 after they were found to have disinterred corpses at a local cemetery with the purpose of eating them.

The Bhakkar Cannibals
Bhakkar Cannibals: Arif and Farman after being arrested by the police.

Before they were apprehended, the Bhakkar Cannibals were said to have dug up and eating human parts from up to about 150 bodies.

Their wicked act first came to light when villagers filed a complaint with the local police after the grave of a 24-year-old girl was discovered to have been uncovered and her body was missing.

The local police, after investigating the incident were able to track down the two brothers and found them guilty of extracting and devouring the body of the girl.

They were arrested under the Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) section of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), and then charged under section 295-A of the PPC, because there are no specific laws against cannibalism in Pakistan. They were each given a two-year term and a Rs50,000 fine.

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It was also alleged that the two brothers were married and had children of their own, but that their wives abandoned them.

The Bhakkar Cannibals
Bhakkar Cannibals.

In 2011, one of the brothers admitted in an interview that he had eaten his own child who had died of an illness.

According to reports, the brothers revealed while being investigated that they did all of this because they were inspired by black magic. They also explained how they slaughtered and removed the skin from the bodies. It was completely unbelievable and one of the worst pieces of news you’ll ever hear.

Two years later, they were released from Mianwali’s district jail after serving their sentences and returned to their hometown, much to the surprise and fury of the locals.

The two brothers reportedly spent the most of their two-year prison sentence in Lahore’s King Edwards Medical College, where they were examined by the neurophysiology department.

The Bhakkar Cannibals
Screengrab of the Bhakkar Cannibals. Credit: Express Tribune.

It was said that they were given treatment to help them recover from their filthy addictions while they were imprisoned, but all to no avail.

They then moved to another village after being released from prison.

However, not long after their release, residents from the new village started to complain about the horrible decaying flesh odor emanating from their home.

Upon receiving the complaint of the villagers, the local police raided their home again and discovered the head of a young male child near a cooking stove.

During the later raid (which was in 2014), Arif was apprehended and again he admitted to eating human flesh. This was according to the local police DPO Bhakkar Ameer Abdullah.

But his brother Farman was able to escape the raid at the time. Although he was later apprehended after thorough search activities by the local police.

After their second arrest, the two brothers (Bhakkar Cannibals) were sentenced to a total of 12 years in prison.

Despite their imprisonment, people are still afraid that they would return and perform the same atrocities as before.

Source: Life in Saudi Arabia and The Express Tribune.

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