Operation Sharan Fague: Several Boko Haram Terrorists Killed, Military Equipments Recovered

Boko Haram terrorists killed, weapons destroyed.

Several Boko Haram Terrorists Killed In Multinational Joint Task Force military operations.

As part of its periodic operations, the Multinational Joint Task Force has carried out a joint clean-up operation in Nigerian territory.

This operation, called “SHARAN FAGUE” (sweeping the court in Hausa), was carried out from December 1 to 21, 2021 by troops from Sectors 3 (Nigeria) and 4 (Niger).

Its goal was to disrupt the Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa (ISWA) terrorist action plans in our two countries.

Boko Haram terrorists killed
MNJTF soldiers during a military operation. Credit: Secteur 4 Force Multinationale Mixte / Diffa.

Indeed, these birds of ill omen planned to sabotage the celebrations planned for December 18, 2021 (the 63rd anniversary of the Republic of Niger’s proclamation) in Diffa, as well as the fortification works initiated by the Governor of Borno (Nigeria) to promote the long-term return of internally displaced persons and Nigerian refugees to their former homes.

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The troops were able to display their resilience and ability to operate in a dangerous environment in an enemy zone when confronted with a determined enemy that was very mobile, mastering his environment and continuously adapting to field requirements.

Boko Haram terrorists killed, weapons destroyed.
Destruction of motorcycles seized from Boko Haram terrorists.

The insurgents tried everything they could to undermine the resolve of MNJTF soldiers without succeeding: mortar bombardment, IED placement, and direct attacks with a kamikaze car (VBIED).

Boko Haram terrorists killed, weapons recovered
Some of the weapons seized from the terrorists.

Operation “SHARAN FAGUE” was carried out in two phases, with the joint action of the Nigerian and Nigerien land and air forces, as well as the decisive backing of the American partners.

The first phase (December 1 to 10) enabled the fortification works around Malam Fatori to be secured (Nigeria).

Boko haram terrorists killed, vehicles recovered
One of the vehicles recovered from the terrorists.

The second phase (from December 11 to 21) enabled the MNJTF to dislodge the terrorists from the AREGE, GASHIGAR, ASAGA, and KAMAGUNMA zones in order to occupy the ground and create a strategic depth favorable to success of the Diffa N’GLAA festivities.

At the end of this operation, some soldiers paid the supreme price:

• Nigerian side:

– Two (02) dead and twelve (12) slightly injured;

– One (01) damaged vehicle.

• Nigerien side:

– Four (4) dead;

– Eleven (11) slightly injured;

– One (01) damaged vehicle.

On the enemy side, the results are as follows:

– At least twenty-two (22) terrorists neutralized;

– Four (04) vehicles destroyed;

– One (01) location of artillery fire in the direction of the city of Diffa discovered and destroyed;

– Several logistic plots destroyed;

– Seven (07) AK 47 rifles recovered;

– Five (05) motorcycles burnt.

All in all, this successful joint operation once again demonstrated the professionalism and interoperability between our two armies. This also testifies to the roles of the armed forces in contributing to the return of peace, to the security of people and their property and to facilitate the revival of development activities. This synergistic action will continue in the coming months to definitively stem the scourge of terrorism along the Komadougou, Yobé and in the Lake Chad Basin.

Source: Secteur 4 Force Multinationale Mixte / Diffa.

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