More Trouble For Female Soldier Who Accepted Proposal From A Corper

The Nigerian Army has said the female soldier who accepted proposal from a male NYSC member will be penalised for doing so.

The Nigerian Army announced on Sunday that a female soldier who became romantically involved with a male corps member at the National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp in Yikpata, Kwara State, will be punished for breaking military norms and regulations.

Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, told The PUNCH in an exclusive interview on Sunday that the female officer broke military rules by engaging in a public display of affection with a paramilitary trainee – a corps member.

The female soldier who accepted proposal
The female soldier who accepted proposal surrounded by corpers.

Video clips of a male corps member proposing to a female soldier at the Kwara NYSC camp went viral a few days ago, prompting positive responses from a large number of social media users.

The yet-to-be-identified corps member was seen clutching a ring as he knelt to ask the female soldier to marry him in one of the video recordings presumably filmed on the camp’s parade ground.

The military-dressed spinster accepted the young graduate’s proposal, and the latter proceeded to place the ring on her finger. To the cheers of other corps members, the lovebirds later locked themselves in a heated embrace and kissed.

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However, the Army spokesman told The PUNCH on Sunday that the female soldier had broken the Nigerian Army’s norms and regulations governing military personnel’s standards of behavior while on duty.

Nwachukwu claimed the female soldier’s actions amounted to exploiting her trainee, stressing that if a man soldier proposed to a female corper at the NYSC march, the public would have been horrified and accused the Army of coercion.

The female soldier who accepted proposal kisses Corp member.

“The female soldier who accepted proposal from the corper broke the NA’s fraternisation standards while on official duties at the NYSC camp,” he stated. That is, having an amorous affair with a trainee.

“For a person to be eligible for marriage, he or she must have served for three years.”

“She defied the Nigerian Armed Forces’ established standards and orders on the use of social media.” While in uniform, indulging in romance.

“Her actions jeopardized good order and military discipline.”

“All of the foregoing, if proven, are in violation of existing laws, with disciplinary and criminal consequences.”

“Her job as a personnel was to instruct the Youth Corps members and not to have any romantic relationships with them.” These regulations were put in place to ensure appropriate Army administration and discipline. What if the soldier was a man, if I may ask? What would the public’s reaction to his actions have been? It would have been seen as taking advantage of a female Corper, a trainee, who had been placed in his care for training.”

The Army spokesman, on the other hand, declined to comment on the potential punishment for the female soldier, saying only that “the Nigerian Military, like all others, has its own disciplinary codes, different from those of society.” This code has been willingly accepted by all workers.”


Her offenses, according to a military assessment, include;

1) not being eligible for marriage.

2) Publicly romping in uniform.

3) He was not present for the procession.

4) Unpredictable behavior.

5) Other than her major goal in NYSC Camp, she is doing other things.

6) Disobedience to a social media rule’s standing order.

7) The Nigerian Army’s disobedience and disrespect for ethics and tradition.

My take on the whole matter

I believe the military is completely justified in its actions towards their daughter. The military is a legal, ethical, and ethical organization that must be followed. The military is not a civil service where people don’t follow the regulations. Kissing in public while wearing a military uniform is an insult and a taboo.

Not only the military, but what will the bank management say if a banker kisses a customer in public while on duty? That’s a slap in the face to the bank.
The military does not despise civilians; yet, the lady in issue was overcome by lust and must be punished for breaking the norms. She was supposed to teach her alleged boyfriend how to do it in the camp where she was assigned, but she failed.

Source: The Punch.

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