Yansakai: Police In Zamfara Arrest 3 Members Of Banned Group For Gruesome Murder Of Fulanis

Yansakai members arrested

Yansakai is one of the groups claiming to be fighting for Zamfara state’s inhabitants’ peace and unity. This organization was thought to be battling against banditry and other terrorist acts in Zamfara.

Yansakai members arrested
3 members of the proscribed Yansakai group arrested for killing fulanis

The state government later made this group illegal.

Despite being declared illegal, this organization has continued to operate throughout the state, causing more harm than good.

A recent attack on Fulanis in the state resulted in the deaths of a number of Fulanis. The reason behind the gruesome murder is unknown, but it was reported that the suspects (Yansakai members) killed the victims with knives and machetes. The Police were alerted, and three members of the outlawed organization were apprehended.

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The three suspects were identified as Zubairu Musa, Abdullahi Rabiu, and Buhari Muazu by the State Commissioner of Police, CP Ayuba Elkanah, in a statement released on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

“On November 29, 2021, the Zamfara State police Command received a distress call that a huge number of proscribed group known as ‘Yansakai’ bearing all sought of weapons had attacked a Fulani settlement named Bargaja in Gusau LGA with the sole aim of attacking and killing the residents,” the CP stated.

“Police tactical squads were deployed to the area ahead of time to deter the hoodlums from carrying out their malicious actions against the population.”

The tactical squad were successful in containing the situation and in apprehending the above-mentioned suspects for gruesomely murdering three (3) individuals in the village with cutlasses and knives.

“In addition, twelve (12) Yansakai who attempted to ambush Police agents with locally made rifles and cutlasses were resisted and captured by the Police.” “The case is being investigated,” he said.

Prior to this time, there has been a stand-off between the Yankasai group, bandits and the Zamfara State government.

In September 2021, a Daily Post report revealed that Malam Ahmed Dansadau, a member of the outlawed Yansakai group in Zamfara State, had recommended that the Zamfara state government should halt every peace agreement and reconciliation it had with bandits because it was not delivering any positive results.

Dansadau claimed that the only way to eradicate banditry in the state is to resurrect the Yansakai gang, which would battle the bandits head on, claiming that members are familiar with all the woodlands where the bandits hide because they come from all of the state’s communities.

As at the time of writing this report, it is not yet known if these arrested members of the Yansakai group acted alone or were mandated to carry out the murderous act by the leaders of the group.


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