13 Terrorists killed In MNJTF Operations Against Boko Haram, ISWAP Terrorists In Diffa

A Summary Of MNJTF Operations Against Boko Haram In Diffa Region.

In the Diffa region, troops from the regional Multinational Joint Task Force neutralized 13 Boko Haram, ISWAP insurgents, according to the MNJTF. Several military equipments were also recovered by Sector 4 during the MNJTF operation.

In accordance with it’s missions to secure people and property in the Diffa region, Sector 4 of the Multinational Joint Force, in collaboration with its partners, continually conducts operations to reinforce peace of mind in its area of ​​responsibility.

Troops of sector 4 of the MNJTF during an MNJTF operation in Diffa region.

It is within this framework that the operation “BOUNI MA” (FISHING THE FISH in Kanouri), was carried out from November 21 to 23, 2021 around the city of Diffa in Niger.

The purpose of this operation was to neutralize any terrorist presence in the area and fight against the infiltrations of Boko Haram which result in rackets and kidnappings by terrorists and their accomplices of peaceful innocent people for the payment of ransom.

This MNJTF operation particularly covers the communities located along the bank of the Komadougou Yobé (Zeynam Tchalori, Fiego, Koulo Koura, Lada, Marara, etc.) where a complex network for the financing of terrorist activities (supplies and exchanges) has been implemented and put place by Boko Haram.

MNJTF operations
Guns and other military gadgets recovered from Boko Haram.
Cartridges, hand grenades and various pharmaceutical materials recovered from the terrorists.

Information from human and technical sources, collected during the preliminary period and during Operation BOUNI MA, has enabled notable results to be recorded.

The overall results of the BOUNI MA operation are as follows: 

Casualties from Friendly forces: one (1) injured.

Enemy side: Thirteen (13) neutralized terrorists.

Military equipments and other items recovered include;

Two (2) AK 47 rifles with eighteen (18) magazines, Four (4) automatic pistols with 06 (six) PA magazines, Twenty (20) defensive grenades, One (1) offensive grenade,  Seven hundred and twenty-five (725) 7.62 / 39mm caliber cartridges, One thousand one hundred and twenty-six (1,126) 5.56mm caliber cartridges, Sixty (60) 9mm / 19 cartridges, Two (2) individual magazine pouches, One (1) large batch of pharmaceutical products.

The Defense and Security Forces of the Diffa region remain determined to carry out their missions in strict compliance with the legal framework and reassure the populations of the region of their firm commitment to ensuring their security, says the MNJTF.

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