Deadly Boko Haram Commander Surrenders Along With Fighters (See Photos)

Field Boko Haram commander surrenders to troops of the Nigerian Army.

The unprecedented mass surrender of Boko Haram terrorists to troops of the Nigerian army signals a twist in the ongoing war on terror in the North East.

Salihu Ahmodu. Boko Haram commander surrenders. Credit: Twitter

Yesterday, some Boko Haram and ISWAP members surrendered to troops of 192 Battalion of the Nigerian army along Gwoza and Limankara.

Commander Salihu and his fighters.

According to reports emanating from multiple sources, the surrendered Boko Haram and ISWAP members claimed to have escaped from Jaje in the Sambisa forest general area.

The suspects were led by one Salihu Abubakar, 42, who according to reports is the leader in that area.

A numbers of Items recovered including the Ak-47 riffles that can be seen In the attached pictures.

Boko Haram commander surrender
Boko Haram commander surrenders
Riffles recovered from the terrorists.

The youngest of them is 12years old. Gwoza is known to be one of the places that Boko Haram make Recruit child soldiers cos they are vulnerable.

Boko Haram commander surrender
13 year old Boko Haram fighter, Umoru Gadagada.

A variety of factors, or a mixture of them, have been cited as contributing to this unusual development, the most notable of which is the military’s continuous bombardment of terrorist sanctuaries from land and air.

Boko Haram commander surrenders
22 year old boko haram member, Shuaibu Ahmodu.

Many Nigerians have reacted to the recent trend of terrorists surrendering to troops with mixed emotions and mixed reactions, as one might expect.

Boko Haram commander surrender
Boko Haram commander surrender

Like i said earlier, ever since Boko Haram insurgency began in 2009, this isn’t the first time members of the terrorist group have surrendered to troops of the Nigerian army. And the reasons they’ve given have changed over time.

The reason many militants of the dreaded Islamic group have laid down their arms was because of the relentless offensive by gallant troops of the Nigerian army, other security agents and the Multinational Joint Task Force.

While some consider the mass surrender as a positive sign that the decade-long unending war in the north east is finally coming to an end, others disagree, believing that Boko Haram terrorists should not be trusted and that the military should not be kind with individuals who claim to have surrendered.

Curled and modified from Twitter.

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