In Abia, 40 Year Old Man Was Arrested For Selling His Baby Boy After Lying To His Wife About His Death

Man was arrested for selling his baby boy

Man was arrested for selling his baby boy

In Abia, a man was arrested for selling his baby boy after lying to his wife about his death. According to ABN TV, Appolos Ndubuisi, 40, and his co-conspirator, Rose Godwin Chinweikpe, 66, have been held by the Nigerian police Abia Command for selling a baby boy belonging to Deborah Onukaogu, 24, a supposed wife of Appolos Ndubuisi.

Deborah Onukaogu, a native of Umuariaga village in Ikwuano Local Government Area, Abia State, became pregnant with Appolos Ndubuisi’s child in 2020, this was stated by the Commissioner of Police Abia Command, CP Janet Agbede, while briefing reporters at the command headquarters on Thursday.

Man was arrested for selling his baby boy
The suspects. Photo Credit: ABN TV

According to the Commissioner of Police, Onukaogu told the command that Appolos Ndubuisi did not marry her legally. He refused to perform neither the traditional nor the Christian marriage rights.

When it was time to give birth, Appolos Ndubuisi reportedly took her to an unregistered maternity home in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State. The unregistered maternity home was owned and operated by Rose Godwin Chinweikpe, 66, the second suspect in police custody.

Onukaogu, according to the Commissioner of Police gave birth to a newborn baby boy on June 26, 2021, but the suspects plotted and claimed the child died.

The complainant Mrs. Deborah Onukaogu, not knowing it was a plot, accepted her fate and moved on.

Soon after, she became pregnant again for the same Appolos Ndubuis, the police chief continued.

When it became clear she was pregnant, Appolos allegedly advised her to visit the same Rose Godwin’s maternity home where she lost her first son.

The woman raised an objection, but Appolos Ndubuisi kept persuading her, informing her that they would sell the unborn kid after birth.

This comment by Ndubuisi raised her suspicions about what had happened to the previous kid, who they said died during delivery, and she immediately complained to the police.

The reported stillbirth turned out to be a ruse to deceive the complaint. This is because the complainant indeed gave birth to a baby boy on June 26, 2021, but the suspects planned to sell the infant for N350,000.

Further inquiry revealed that indeed N300,000.00 was paid to Appolos, Deborah’s assumed husband, while the balance of N50,000.00 was accepted by Rose Godwin as her delivery charges.

One word for Appolos Ndubuisi.

Source: ABN Tv

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