Badass Military Vehicles: FV104 Samaritan Amoured Ambulance

On today’s episode of Badass Military Vehicles, we’ll be taking a look at the British built FV104 Samaritan Amoured Ambulance.

Badass Military Vehicles
Badass military vehicles: The British FV104 Samaritan.

Badass military vehicles:

What is an Ambulance?

According to Wikipedia, an ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle which transports patients to treatment facilities, such as hospitals. While on the move, emergency medical care can also be administered to patients.

Traditionally, ambulances are used to respond to emergency situations. However, these days, we’ve seen ambulances being deployed to war zones or conflict areas, like the FV104 Samaritan.

The FV104 Samaritan is a British military innovation. It is built just like an armoured tank but it’s packed with in-built medical equipments to help administer emergency medical care to wounded military personnel while ensuring their safety as they are being transported to the hospital or a safe environment.

This war ambulance/machine is built to accommodate up to 6 wounded persons at a go. This excludes a crew of two soldiers who will operate the war machine.

FV104 Samaritan interior and exterior.

The machine runs at max speed of 72.5 kilometers per hour. The British Army has a fleet of this machine in their military artillery to ensure the safety of their injured soldiers during war.

The Samaritan is one of the Scorpion family of surveillance vehicles, designed with a 76 mm gun for fire support. It also capable of fulfiling to a large degree the anti-tank and reconnaissance roles. An estimate of 101 FV104 Samaritans were constructed bynthe British military.

The compartment area of the FV104 Samaritan.

The incredibly expanded portability managed by tracks, joined with cutting edge creation methods, allowed the plan of a light, amazing, followed observation weapon framework with a discharge power up until recently impossible at the weight wanted. Expenses all through have been held down to the base, reliable with achieving the objects of portability, capability and insurance.

This has been finished by utilizing normal parts and design and by utilizing just congregations and methods known to be demonstrated. Simultaneously the most current materials and strategies have been utilized. The accentuation all through has been on effortlessness, straightforwardness in simplicity of upkeep and in team preparing. Likewise inborn dependability has been underlying. Be that as it may, the essential vehicles are fit for refined errands as indicated by the client’s necessities by adding discretionary gear, for example, night-battling helps, radar and gas locator frameworks.

The FV104 Samaritan has the capacity to carry up to six stretchers at the back of the vehicle. One more interesting thing about this military machine is that it can fit into the fuselage of a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. What’s your take on this British military innovation?

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