ISIS Video Shows ISWAP’s Capabilities In Nigeria/Lake Chad Border region

ISIS’ recent release shows footage of recent attacks in the Nigeria/Lake Chad border region. The released video is titled “Makers of Epic Battles 5.”

It is part of a series covering ISIS activity in various localities in the region.

It also shows attacks in Borno and Yobe, mostly from the 1st half of 2021.

Attached to this article are some screenshots from the ISIS video;

Isis video
ISWAP fighter

There are 2 things ISWAP may be willing to achieve with this recent video;

1- To show to the global ISIS “Community” that the group remains strong over the world.

2- To serve as a visual counter to constant Nigerian Army claims that ISWAP is about to collapse weak.

One of the things you will notice in this recent release is that ISWAP are extremely well equipped.

They openly displayed weapons captured from the regional military.

Pics showing ISWAP fighters operating a MOWAG Piranha AFV.

We also got a glimpse of some other capabilities, such as the Suicide Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED) seen in the video below;

ISIS video shows fighters openly display a Suicide Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED)

The recent ISIS video also shows footage from previous ISWAP attacks in Damasak, Kamuya, Kanamma, Gajiram, Mallam Fatori, Kawuri and more. See more photos below;

Some of the hardware that are worthy of note in this video include; RHEF-7MA/RHEF-7LDMA and PG-7VM. Also, we can see a 60mm “Commando Mortar” (Unsure of type) carried into the attack.

Around February 2020, a regional counterinsurgency force comprising military personnel launched Operation Yancin Tafki.

However, despite the MNJTF successes, Crisis Group were of the opinion that the insurgency is far from ending. The reason being that the insurgents often almost immediately regroup after MNJTF operations.

In fact, Boko Haram appears to be strengthening, especially in northeast Nigeria. According to the Nigeria Security Tracker, there have been deadlier attacks recently than any other period since the insurgency began in 2011.  

Photo Credit @CalibreObscura Twitter page.

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