Meet Afghanistan’s Taliban Elite Special Forces Unit (Photos)

Taliban elite special forces unit

Taliban Elite Special Forces Unit, is an elite military unit of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, described in some accounts as special operations forces or shock troops. They have been more visible after the recent takeover by the Talibans

Taliban elite special forces unit
Taliban elite special forces- Credit: Internet

Here’s how it all began;

According to NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center) The Taliban is a Sunni Islamist nationalist and pro-Pashtun movement founded in the early 1990s that ruled most of Afghanistan from 1996 until October 2001.

Prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on United States soil, the Taliban built a safe nest for al-Qa‘ida in Afghanistan. With this they were able to recruit, train, deploy and conduct terrorist activities in other countries until October 2001 when they were deposed by the US-led military campaign against the terrorist group.

Taliban elite special forces: Photo sourced from the internet.

However, fast forward to August 30, 2021, the US mission in Afghanistan came to an abrupt, tragic and chaotic end, paving the way for the Talibans to once again overthrow the Government with the help of the Taliban elite special forces unit.

Bearded and clothed in military fatigues and carrying US-made weapons. The Taliban “elite special forces” unit have been showing off their military mights in propaganda videos and images after the takeover.

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According to The National News (The UAE and Middle East’s premier news source), expert reviews suggested that The Taliban’s elite special forces units were instrumental to the group’s overthrow of the Afghan Government. Now they are often seen manning road blocks and patrolling the streets of towns and cities around the country as the group seeks to consolidate its grip on power.

According to internet sources, the Taliban elite special forces unit is also known as ‘Badri 313’ battalion forces. The nick was given in commemoration of the Battle of Badr, which is believed to be the Islamic first war of Muslim, under the command of the Prophet Muhammad (PBWH) and has been mentioned about in the Quran.

According to reports the the Taliban elite special forces unit comprises of commandos who are well trained in handling state-of-the-art military gadgets.

Although no one knows how and where they get their weapons, they seem to have state-of-the-art weapons and military gadgets at their disposal. Some of these weapons and gadgets were said to have been most likely seized as western and allied forces withdrew from the war torn country.

The group now appears to be armed with modern weapons just like any other special forces unit around the world.

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Sources: The National News, Wikipedia, National Counterterrorism Center

Photo Credit: All photos by AFP

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